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Video Games

The history of video games is about 50 years old. The journey of video games begin with black and white screen. Now video games have reached not only the colourful screens but have access to a lot of various devices including computer, laptop, tablet, TV and smartphones. A user can play games on any of these devices. The scope of virtual games has also expended. There was a time when video games for all about dots. There was not any fictional character or stories or levels in the games. Today there are not only different backgrounds but the games have their own stories and characters which are popular among people. People like to play these games and the craze among people of these games is such that addicted to such games. Angry birds was a game which was very popular among people. Thereafter a very engaging game called Pok√©mon go became famous worldwide. The popularity of these games is such that not only kids but adults also love to spend their idle time in in playing this games. T…